UN Day


[일상] Water

 Water   세상 모든 어린이에게 맑은 물을 마시는 일이 일상이 되는 날을 그려 봅니다.   공기처럼, 바람처럼 너무 당연해서, 자주 잊고 살 수 있으면 차라리 좋겠습니다.   해외식수위생사업 후원하기... Read More...

[말라리아의 날] Sorry

 SORRY   밤새 모기 때문에 잠을 설친 아침. 짐작되는 고단한 하루에 짜증이 몰려듭니다.   그러나, 모기 때문에 죽음을 넘나드는 아이들 앞에서 하룻밤 설치는 잠을 투정하기란 민망한 일이지요. 더구나 여름 한 철의 문제가 아닌 ... Read More...
Having Fun with a Muppet, by Dr Greg Allgood, WVUS

Children from the Chalimbana Primary School WASH club, in Chongwe ADP, Zambia, meet one of the newest Sesame Street Muppets called Raya. She’s a 6 year-old green girl that knows a lot about clean water, sanitation, and hygiene.  What a coincidence that she was born on World Water Day! Raya is getting some help from her friend Elmo.

Sesame Street is the largest informal educator of children in the world and has characters that help address important social causes including HIV and obesity. 

World Vision believes that children can be powerful agents of positive change in communities and because of this, a critical part of World Vision water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) programs in the developing world includes outreach to schools. World Vision reaches an amazing 4 new schools every day with clean water, sanitation, and hygiene. World Vision has learned that children can not only receive important messages about healthy habits but they can also deliver these messages effectively to their brothers, sisters, and parents.   By doing this, they can dramatically change the health of a community.  And, importantly, kids respond best when they’re having fun while they learn.

Sesame Street and World Vision have partnered to leverage each other’s strengths to help end the global water, sanitation, and hygiene crisis.

The educational activities are focused on after school WASH clubs.   The curriculum has been developed using the expertise of both Sesame Street and World Vision.  By working with Zambian educational experts the curriculum can be adapted to the local context. 

The result is a “WASH-Up kit” that can be provided to a school. It includes two floor mats that include games to teach the proper behaviors.   One mat uses a slide and ladder game, the other is like Twister, with places to step. Flip charts featuring Sesame characters are used to teach the children. It’s simple to use and an engaging teac

안녕? 난 물의 날에 태어난 라야(Raya)야!

  (헤헷) “안녕? 내 이름은 라야(Raya)야. 네 이름은 뭐니?”(헤헷) “안녕? 내 이름은 라야(Raya)야. 네 이름은 뭐니?” ‘동화 속 주인공이 내 앞에 나타나 말을 건다면?’ 이 즐거운 상상이 잠비아 친구들에게 실제로 일어났어요!  ... Read More...

커피와 디저트 좋아하세요?

전 세계를 강타한 슈퍼 엘니뇨 그리고 나를 슬프게 하는 두 가지 guilty pleasure. 월요일 아침이면 아메리카노 한 잔에 머리카락이 쭈뼛 설 정도로 단 디저트 한 입이 생각나지 않나요? (음...일요일 밤 부터라고요? ) 우리가 좋아하는 이 커피와 디저트. 궁합이 좋은만큼 ... Read More...